Groupon & LivingSocial Deal Info - Bobble Toppers

Thank you for your interest in this Groupon / LivingSocial deal; offering our "patent-pending" custom bobble toppers at discounted prices. Please read the information below to better understand the deal voucher options we currently offer. 

Our Groupon / LivingSocial deal allows you to purchase vouchers for use with our website at discounted prices.  To redeem your voucher, you will enter the voucher code into the Discount code field during the checkout process on our website.  

We currently offer ten different voucher options for this deal on Groupon / LivingSocial.  The ten options include:

  • OPTION A:  $5.00 ($15.00 value for 1 bobble topper)
  • OPTION B:  $10.00 ($30.00 value for 2 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION C:  $15.00 ($45.00 value for 3 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION D:  $20.00 ($60.00 value for 4 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION E:  $25.00 ($75.00 value for 5 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION F:  $30.00 ($90.00 value for 6 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION G:  $35.00 ($105.00 value for 7 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION H  $40.00 ($120.00 value for 8 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION I:  $45.00 ($135.00 value for 9 bobble toppers)
  • OPTION J:  $50.00 ($150.00 value for 10 bobble toppers)

    SHIPPING FEES (These fees are not included in the voucher price):

    We offer two shipping options:

    Standard Shipping (10-20 business days average shipping time)

    • $9.95 for the first item, plus $3.99 per each additional item

    FedEx Express Shipping (4-5 business days average shipping time)

    • $23.95 for the first item, plus $3.99 per each additional item

    The shipping time does not include the production time to complete your order, which is typically 5-10 business days.  


    Bobble For A Cause will donate a portion of each sale to a charitable organization, as listed on the home page on our website.

    What's involved in placing your order?

    • On our website, you first select the quantity (amount) of Bobble Toppers you want to order (the quantity you select should match the quantity included in the deal voucher you purchased).
    • Then you customize your order:
      • Select exactly which type of bobble toppers (Bobble Number(s), Bobble Letter(s), and/or Bobble Holiday Symbols) you want and how many of each.  Make sure that the total amount selected is the same as the quantity you selected.
      • If available, select the color(s) of the Bobble Toppers (some colors have an additional cost).
      • Select if you want to add optional base(s) for an additional cost.  The base allows the bobble topper to stand as a table decoration.
    • Then you add your order to the "Cart", and then "Checkout".  On the Checkout screen, you will enter the voucher code into the Discount code field.  If placing your order on a mobile device, expand the "Show order summary" link to see the Discount code field.
    • Once production of your order has been completed, your bobble toppers will be packaged and delivered to you based on your selected shipping option.


    Please contact us with any questions and we will get in touch with you shortly!

    Thank you again for your interest!