Happy Customers, Lots of Smiles!

Here are some of the many happy customers who have custom bobbleheads from Bobble For A Cause!


The boys are quite enamored with their personalized bobbleheads (Narcissus-level fascination at times!). If you need a gift for your sport-loving kiddo, I got them at https://www.bobbleforacause.com/. The process was easy and the result was a total hit! - Dana (CA)


Perfect keepsake to celebrate my daughter earning her black belt. The whole experience from ordering, proofing, and receiving was wonderful. -Sandra (PA)

 David Tran with his custom bobblehead (including a giant bottle of his Sriracha sauce) from Bobble For A Cause!

Custom Bobblehead Family by Bobble For A Cause

Our family thanks you!  Everyone loves their bobble head.  They are soooo cute!  The kids say they are so good that you need to use them in some advertising. - Nancy (GA)


Here's what some of our customers have shared about their experience with Bobble For A Cause:

Hi quality, unique gift. Exceptional customer service, Ari is the best!!!
David · August 25, 2021 · Verified

Ordering was painless - submit photos, receive a first proof; approve or modify the proof, and then receive a final color proof; approve or modify and it's done. Multiple opportunities to have the team work with you to make these as accurate as possible. Great communication throughout.
Gregory · August 13, 2021 · Verified

Fast turn around time on the proofs. Final product turned out great!
Sue · August 3, 2021 · Verified

The final product is AWESOME. This is the bobblehead company you should choose.
Jeff · July 10, 2021 · Verified

Amazing customer service. Fast and professional. My husband is going to absolutely love this for his birthday! He is so hard to buy for!
Annette · July 7, 2021 · Verified

Customer service is awesome.
Grace · June 29, 2021 · Verified

BFC and Ari are amazing !!!!! The process of creating and communication with Ari and his talented artists is superb. You will not disappointed, I can’t wait to gift someone else with these amazing creations. Thank you Ari and the BFC team for such an amazing experience! Talk to you soon!
Jerryal · June 22, 2021 · Verified

Excellent customer service, beautiful product!
Jyoti · May 29, 2021 · Verified

This company is all about customer care! Ari walked us through every step of the process, making sure we were satisfied with the final product. I would recommend them for your next unique gift!
Reggie · May 24, 2021 · Verified

It was an absolutely amazing experience! This is not a generic, "lets get one off the shelf and make it work" experience. You send in pictures, are provided proofs and are asked for input. The sculpture is very personal, I had no idea the degree of detail that would go into each creation. Oh, and fast, I wanted the sculpture for a birthday gift and I got it in plenty of time. We ordered 2 so far and plan on ordering more in the future as gifts.
David · May 21, 2021 · Verified

Thanks so much to Ari and staff for producing such a lifelike replica of our faces. They were very efficient in terms of receiving my order, asking me regarding any changes or updates needed. They even changed the wedding dress to match for a nominal fee. It made for an interesting anniversary gift, which my wife thoroughly enjoyed. I will definitely promote this company to friends and family.
Howard · April 27, 2021 · Verified

Awesome quality and excellent craftsmanship! Quick service too.
Catanzarite · April 14, 2021 · Verified

They always do amazing this is the third one I have had done.
Jennifer · February 17, 2021 · Verified

This company was fantastic to work with! Quick responses, great artistry. I had changes that I wanted to make and they were very accommodating! This was a gift and the recipients love it!
Margaret · January 29, 2021 · Verified

They were the easiest people to work with, they listened to every detail I had. I just finally approved it today so I haven’t physically seen it but the pictures are wonderful so I’m sure it will be. I would recommend this company to everyone and plan on getting more for other big occasions.
Judy · January 27, 2021 · Verified

Not only did the end product exceed my expectations, but the customer experience was first rate. They were very responsive during the creative process and worked diligently to address every detail of the product. I would recommend for others seeking this one of a kind product, that you do allow plenty of time because there is a lot of back and forth to develop and create the product to meet the purchaser's specifications.
Elizabeth · January 18, 2021 · Verified

I was very impressed I bought 4 for my daughter of each of her kids. Amazing job
Wendy · January 17, 2021 · Verified

This was the best gift I ever gave at Christmas! Plus their customer service was the best I've ever interacted with at a company. Always pleasant, helpful and quick to reply. The bobblehead itself was GREAT! Went back and forth a few times to make sure the face was just right and they made the adjustments quickly and perfect. I will definitely be doing this one again. Loved every step of the way. Thank you!
Jocelyn · January 7, 2021 · Verified

Working with Bobble For a Cause was a fun and great experience.  The artists are very good, and pay attention to the detail you ask for.  The shipped product arrived on time -- in the very busy holiday season -- and the packaging, especially the internal wrapping -- was almost an artwork itself!  Ari is great at making sure things get taken care of and offering proactive suggestions. I also had a Bobble made of our dog -- the artists captured his smile and eyes so well! The Bobbles are quality products!
Barb · January 2, 2021 · Verified


Great to work with. Product was the perfect gift
Bre · January 1, 2021 · Verified


I found this company to be extremely professional and customer oriented. Not only was I impressed with the finished product but very impressed with how willing they were to work with me. Thank you to Ari and your talented artists!
Michelle · December 29, 2020 · Verified


We just received the finished bobble head couple today and absolutely love it! We corresponded through a very professional and accommodating rep who passed on our comments to the artists to create a great replica! Can’t wait to give as a gift to a newly engaged couple! Thank you for the wonderful job!
Linda · December 22, 2020 · Verified


They were in constant touch with me! Exceptional customer service! I can't wait to see the finished product!
Annie · December 15, 2020 · Verified


I had two bobbleheads done and I cannot say enough good things about how detailed they were and how much they looked like the people from the photos i sent. One was just the head with a pre-made body and the other was a custom of head and body as well. It was a couple in their wedding attire and they nailed it. The experience working with them was professional and they worked to get each one exactly like i wanted them. It didn't take a lot of time and the end products exceeded my expectations. For the price these are making great presents. I recommend highly.
Frances · November 13, 2020 · Verified


They did a great job. This was a gift and the person who received it was pleasantly surprised. I used one of there bodies and a custom made head. When I declined a proof and added my suggestions they did as asked. Were very easy to work with.
Donna · November 13, 2020 · Verified


Ordered as a wedding gift for a couple who already have a complete household. It was charming, funny and they did not receive a duplicate. Two months later it is still a topic of conversation. And what a wonderful keepsake!
Susan · November 7, 2020 · Verified


Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and interested in every aspect of the item. They kept me up to date on the progress and showed me the bobblehead for making any changes and getting my approval before proceeding. It is finished and I should receive it next week. The experience has been great. I wouldn't hesitate to place an order.

Kathleen · October 23, 2020 · Verified

Great result! It was a gift and he loved it
Donna · October 10, 2020 · Verified

Great Communication through out process Everything, including end result was GREAT.
Leon D. · March 20, 2019 · Verified

This company is exceptional and I cannot emphasize enough how much that their personal touch meant on a consumers end. The whole process has been a real fun and exciting process from beginning to end. They work with you with each Bobblehead that is created with your lived ones pictures. I plan on getting more of my family members their own Bobbleheads. You will not regret purchasing from this company at all!!!
Leslie M. · March 20, 2019 · Verified

Very nice when you see it in person and they’re very responsive if you have questions. I’m glad I tried this one and can’t wait till we’ll order another one!
Maureen · March 14, 2019 · Verified

My son is going to love this!!
Jennifer C. · March 9, 2019 · Verified

Amazing quality and customer service. Very impressed.
Carrie · March 9, 2019 · Verified

I cannot say enough good things about this company and the quality of their work! They work very hard to make my requested bobble head of my brother who passed away. They communicated with me every step of the way, asking me to view and approve - or suggest changes - to each step of the process - to make sure they got it right. I can tell you - they did! They are fantastic people, and they know how to do "customer service" and have high standards in the quality of their products. I will definitely do business with these folks again!
Lynn R. · March 7, 2019 · Verified

They are great to work with. Really wanted me to be happy with the final product! I will use them again.
Richard C. · March 4, 2019 · Verified

Great communication and created the perfect gift.
Maribel W. · February 25, 2019 · Verified

Great to work with! I got to see proofs along the way. My bobblehead turned out fantastic!
Kim B. · February 22, 2019 · Verified

Great experience with this company.....they even called me to ask me a few questions before they proceeded on the project....Great communication and a very unique gift!
James S. M. · February 8, 2019 · Verified

Fantastic work and responsiveness from the company! The bobble head I ordered looks terrific and was appreciated by the recipient and admired by everyone who saw it.
David H. · January 31, 2019 · Verified

Such a great process and my husband loved it!
Katie K. · January 12, 2019 · Verified

High quality item! Great to work with this team - they had superior communication and delivery. Already have friends ordering from them. Just love this unique item
Joan F. · January 8, 2019 · Verified

The process was really easy, and required approval to proceed during steps to ensure quality. Ari was great to work with.
Maria K. · January 7, 2019 · Verified

The artists were very willing to work with me to tweak the design as I requested. Plus, it arrived in time for Christmas which was much appreciated.
Suzanne C. · January 6, 2019 · Verified

Excellent customer service! Feedback was honored, suggestions were accepted, final product was great!
Tara T. · December 31, 2018 · Verified

Wonderful communication to assure client satisfaction. First class!!
Gregory R. · December 30, 2018 · Verified

This is for my husband’s 80th birthday we are doing an Alaskan Cruise with family. This Bobble head I Know will be a hit.
Annette E. · December 30, 2018 · Verified

I could not believe how much interaction the merchant provided when discussing specifics of the design. The e-mail communication was always quick and accommodating for my every concern. Proofs for each step of the construction and painting of my bobblehead were presented for acceptance, and each of my observations were duly acknowledged and acted upon. I've never experienced a more caring and congenial interaction with a merchant for any design project. Amazing!
Susan · December 29, 2018 · Verified

Very nice people to work with. Good communication. I am very pleased with the product. I am a very happy customer. Definitely will come back. Thank you.
Monica Y. · December 27, 2018 · Verified

This was a wonderful experience! Ari, the president of Bobble for a Cause, was very hands-on. I was able to make adjustments several time to the project. Such a great experience, if you want a custom bobblehead, I would look no further. AND they donate a portion of the sale to charity.
Beth T. · January 22, 2018 · Verified

I was so amazed at how my bobble heads turned out.....they honestly looked just like my family! The process was a little time consuming, however I did have 4 head-to-toe bobble heads that had to be made in a very short time all at once. My rep Ari was absolutely wonderful though! He made the whole process happen and kept me posted 100% of the time. 
Olivia T. · January 12, 2018 · Verified

Great communication and really distinct and unique item.
Bruce B. · December 28, 2017 · Verified

I thought the website was easy to use and the finished product was great. Customer service was wonderful.
Heather K. · December 28, 2017 · Verified

Definitely recommend! Super easy to work with!
Culleena D. · December 20, 2017 · Verified

I ordered a custom bobble head as a gift. Ari was attentive and a pleasure to work with. The whole process was really exceptional. My friend really love it - it makes for a great and unique gift for anyone.
Sara V. · December 8, 2017 · Verified

Great product and service. The figures are exact duplicates of the pictures we sent. Would recommend Bobble For A Cause to anyone seeking a unique gift idea.
Michael G. · December 6, 2017 · Verified

What a fun process to “create” a custom bobble head!
Kala P. · November 30, 2017 · Verified

The Bobbleheads looked great! And they were so great to work with!! Would definitely recommend them!!
Jerri D. · November 17, 2017 · Verified

responsive customer service, prompt with original proof and revisions - would buy from them again
Fred K. · November 14, 2017 · Verified

Extremely easy to work with, and my bobblehead looks phenomenal!
Hannah W. · November 13, 2017 · Verified

The Owner is amazing to deal with. Walked me through the process and informed me on several helpful tips to make the best bobble head. The artists are amazing and I'm so happy how each of my 3 turned out.
Amanda T. · November 9, 2017 · Verified

Great communication and they cared about getting it right! Would definitely use them again!
Bob G. · November 5, 2017 · Verified


Amazing personal customer service and quality!
Geniphr D. · October 19, 2017 · Verified


Ari and his team are talented beyond words. And the customer service is nothing short of perfect. I was included in every step of my custom creation, and revisions were welcomed and far exceeded my expectations! I would recommend this team over and over and over again- you will not be disappointed! Thank you again, Ari!!
Jamie M. · October 18, 2017 · Verified


Ari and the artists at Bobble For A Cause extended just excellent Customer Service. Rapid response to correspondence the craftsmanship appears (based on proof review) to be just excellent! I asked for an edit in both the sculpting and painting phases and my request was quickly and accurately responded to. I’ve already recommended them
Karen K. · October 17, 2017 · Verified


What a great experience working with Ari. He is fantastic about getting back with you and making sure you are a satisfied customer. Would definitely do business again and again.
John K. · October 10, 2017 · Verified


Amazing work!! Definitely recommend!!!
Arsen A. · October 7, 2017 · Verified


I had a bobblehead created for my boss for bosses day. I was looking for something unique and Ari made the experience easy.
Tammy F. · October 6, 2017 · Verified


Ari and his team did a fantastic bobblehead for us! My first custom bobblehead and we are extremely happy with the entire process. Will be ordering bobblehead's for our kids very soon and will only use Bobble for a Cause. Plus my sons school received a donation from them. Amazing!
Cynthiagarland21 · September 19, 2017 · Verified


If I could rate more than 5 stars I would throughout the whole process of this purchase I was emailed constantly and pictures were sent to me I could not be happier with this purchase. I would be definitely using this company again for future bobbleheads ! A must buy.
ELAINE T. · September 5, 2017 · Verified


I love that this is a business that gives back and I got to specify which charity I wanted the donation to go to. I also chose Bobble for a Cause based on their shipping and project completion time frame being significantly shorter than their competitors, overall affordability, and they offered unlimited revisions and edits to your bobblehead during the sculpting and painting timeline. And boy, did I have lots of revisions, all met with patience and professionalism. We chose the custom-head-to-toe option as my fiance and I aren't wearing traditional bride/groom colors. So happy with all the intricate details that went in to our head-to-toe design, and this will be a sweet keepsake for us long after the wedding is over!
Anastasia S. · August 30, 2017 · Verified


I had some hesitation about doing a bobble head but chose this company because of their support to the community. Working with Ari Perlin, the owner, and the artist was a fun and fascinating experience. The willingness to customize to the most finite detail was incredible and the final product was beyond what I expected for the price. This is a small business and you deal directly with the owner in team with the artist. Very highly recommended.
John D. · August 28, 2017 · Verified


The choices of bobble heads were great. The price was reasonable. I am not very savvy with ordering online so I had a bit of a struggle. The "help" from their response team was a blessing to me. I was glad they had a non for prophet "cause". Donating to help others.
Karen L H. · August 27, 2017 · Verified


Very responsive to questions and changes to the proof. Pleasure to work with.
Matt B. · August 25, 2017 · Verified


Bobble for a cause was great group to work with. Answered questions in a timely matter. The proof bobbles were great. Can't wait for my grandson to get his bobble for his birthday. Thanks Ari for a great job.
Paula C. · August 21, 2017 · Verified


They are very professional. They communicated with me throughout the project. I got proofs of the head design and was able to make changes along the way. They took my feedback and made adjustments to my specifications. It turned out great.
Sandi M. · August 17, 2017 · Verified


This company was awesome to deal with. I purchased a customized bobblehead for a wedding gift for the bride and groom. It came out picture perfect. The company worked diligently with me to get the bobblehead exactly as I wanted it. This is what customer service is all about!
Kimlee L. · August 15, 2017 · Verified


Everything about this process was easy and delightful. The end product was fantastic! My daughter loved her gift for earning her black belt in Taekwondo.
Sandra R. · August 14, 2017 · Verified 
Very easy to work with all along the way. Company kept in touch and had me approve everything along the way and retouched up a couple of fines until I was happy with the way it looked.
Nancy W. · August 10, 2017 · Verified


Wow! You guys did a fantastic job!
Tarrah R. · August 1, 2017 · Verified


I am so happy with the custom Bobblehead Ari and team created for me. This is a gift for my husband for our anniversary and he is absolutely going to love it. The detail is amazing, they have really captured our likenesses. I would not hesitate to order another on even without the Groupon!
Cynthia Marie S. · July 31, 2017 · Verified


Really worked well with pictures provided, very happy to do edits as needed to get things perfect. Very pleased with the attention to detail and prompt answers to e-mails.
Arlene B. · July 29, 2017 · Verified


Ari was awesome! Very helpful and responsive to questions and changes.
Erin B. · July 25, 2017 · Verified


The whole experience was easy and really good. This company provided really good customer service. They were attentive and responsive. The bobblehead was really cool and my father (for who it was made) really loved it!!! Great experience.
Daniele T. · July 4, 2017 · Verified